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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

The submission period is OPEN for Out of Time (#20) -- Oct 1 submission deadline: Published December 2016.

Out of Time will be lead edited by the founding editors of Whitefish Review: Brian Schott, Lyndsay Schott, Michael Powers, and Ryan Friel. It will feature an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Emmy nominated host of Jimmy Kimmel Live, ABC's late-night talk show.

Ten years ago, founding editor Brian Schott stated that it would take ten years to make
Whitefish Review thrive. Well, here we are! Out of time. We do think the work we are doing is good and we want to keep it rolling to the big time! So as the second hand nears midnight, it’s time to create the best issue ever together. Help us celebrate ten years of creating art from the mountains, trying to shed some light on the human condition.

TIME is one essential way that we measure our existence -- the past, present, and future considered as a whole. What is your relationship to time? The ticking of the clock? Do you rise early or sleep late? How many of you work late into the night, surprised by the sound of bird calls early in the morning? How does time management play into your life.

However you operate, we invite you to play with the notion of time (or perceived lack of time in this modern day) and riff off all the various meanings of time for submissions in fiction, nonfiction, essay, poetry, art, and photography. 

Urgency. Unbalance. Cadence. Schedules and plans. Where will you take this one?


     → Art: Up to 10 pieces of art (all genres)
     → Photography: Up to 10 color photos AND/OR 10 black and white photos 
     → Fiction: 1 piece (under 5000 words) 
     → Non-fiction: 1 piece (under 5000 words) 
     → Poetry: 3 poems (in one document) 

We are very interested to hear from young writers (high school and below). 

Special categories 

NBD - In skateboarding, it’s a move that’s “never been done.” We want to see some wild, new work here! These submissions should aspire to do something absolutely new. 

Humor - In honor of our interview with Jimmy Kimmel that will be published in this issue, we invite you to submit humor pieces under 2000 words. 

Montana Prize for Fiction - Author Rick Bass will serve as the judge for this third annual $1000 prize. First place winner of the fiction prize will receive a $1,000 and be published in #20 to be released December 2016. All submissions will be considered for publication, but only one story will be awarded the prize. Submit previously unpublished story under 5000 words per entry. Submission Fee: $20. (Submissions may address any theme.)

Rick Bass is the author of over thirty books of fiction and nonfiction. His most recent novel, All the Land to Hold Us, received France’s Prix Laure Bataillon for the best book translated to French, and his memoir, Why I Came West, was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award. In March 2016, Little, Brown published For A Little While: New & Selected Stories. He is a founding board member of the Yaak Valley Forest Council (www.yaakvalley.org), is writer in residence at Montana State University, and also teaches in the University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast MFA Program. He lives in Montana’s Yaak Valley. Bryan Woolley of the Dallas Morning News said, "Probably no American writer since Hemingway has written about man-in-nature more beautifully or powerfully than Rick Bass."

NOTE: Whitefish Review prides itself on being accessible to the entire community of writers, artists and readers that we serve. Though our nonprofit organization has implemented a $3 administrative fee for writing and poetry submissions (there is no fee for art and photography submissions and for high school and below) to help offset web site and submission manager expenses, we still aspire to be as inclusive as possible. If the $3 administrative fee prohibits you from submitting your work, please email editor@whitefishreview.org with a brief explanation of your circumstance and we'll see what we can do to work together.


Cover letter can be optional and just tell us what's on your mind.


Submit a brief bio consisting of a 2-3 sentence description of past published work, written in the 3rd person, and begin with your name. If you are selected for publication we will use this in our contributors' section. This helps us later, but we only judge you on the merit of your submitted work. We especially like discovering previously unpublished writers.

You can help us grow by ordering a back issue, a subscription, or donating to our fundraising campaign. Plus, by ordering and reading a copy you'll get a better sense for our aesthetic style and what we may be looking for in submissions.